For one person it can mean 12 oz while others it can be more like 24 oz. “My grandma even told me that she had a glass of cognac every night while pregnant with my dad! I think putting this study out there while there is not an approved safe amount of alcohol for women may promote or encourage women to drink while pregnant. Just ask your doctor,honestly my grandma smoked a pack of cig's a day and drank while pregnant and all my aunts and uncles are fine, back then in the 60's and 70's that sort of thing while pregnant was normal. The CDC’s draconian, not-one-drop stance is … I've been told by 2 pregnant women now (one 5 years ago and then my friend a few weeks ago) that in their 3rd trimester they were told by their caregivers it's actually beneficial to have a glass of red wine a night for the antioxidants. So why is it that doctors recommend against pregnant women drinking alcohol recreationally? It's this sort of anecdotal evidence and accepting culture that has made the odd glass of wine at dinner during my own pregnancy feel like a … I also had … When I was pregnant with my DS 4 years ago, I had the odd glass of champagne and wine, I think the guidelines were 1 or 2 units a week then, if I remember correctly, however I know they have changed and advise is no drinking while pregnant. Now, I didn’t go quite that far, but after the first trimester, I did have the occasional small glass of wine with dinner— maybe one or two per month. America is the only country that perpetuates this whole “no alcohol at all during pregnancy” myth. personally I would be terrified! Somewhere in between a glass of wine a week and 12 glasses of wine a week may be the tipping point — but no pregnant subjects nor researchers … You are absolutely fine to have that! One drink during pregnancy won't hurt, will it? The study found that some pregnant women may have had just one drink — say, a glass of bubbly at a special event such as a wedding; others reported consuming a … Plus, for some women, one glass of wine during pregnancy leads to another. True, in many European countries an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy, sipped with food during a meal, is accepted. Even just once a week. But given all of the risks of drinking when you're expecting, it’s best to avoid altogether. An occasional glass of wine drunk slowly with dinner is probably fine, but I personally don’t see the upside to pushing the limits. I am not saying it cant harm the baby it could, and its a personal decision but I dont think one glass … Posted September 17th, 2013 at 12:00 am With each glass of wine drunk by the future mother during the first trimester of pregnancy, the child presents a risk with 25% more to be born with a misshapen lip, 12% more to have a smaller head than normal and 16% more to have a less weight than normal at birth. But full-blown FAS is only the extreme end of the spectrum of what can happen when you drink alcohol during pregnancy. At the same time, women who drink a glass of wine here and there have no cause for alarm. Babies with FAS have a constellation of severe lifelong problems: They're born smaller, often continue to grow poorly, and have physical abnormalities and learning and behavior problems. Just one. An ordinary person has a different perception on what one drink means. Why not one glass of red wine? I wouldn’t exceed more then 1 glass a couple of times a week right now and in the 3rd trimester you can have a glass a night with no negative effects to baby. We’re not talking alcoholism here – we’re talking an enjoyable way to wind down one evening here and there.